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Hi! My name is Tim Spruill,

I love what I do. Graphic art and design is one of the true constants in my life.

Since I was a young-one, I was always fascinated by shapes and forms, obscure symbols and type. I was know to always have my head in books on mythology, esoteric philosophy, comics and art.

I was nurtured by a nice art teacher in high school, and an Uncle who wanted me to go to architectural school. He was even going to help pay for it, but I wound up choosing fashion design – longer story. But that didn’t last because I soon learned that my patience for fashion cliques, and “seasons” and model issues was not for me. I also found that I hated sewing.

it wasn’t until around the 1990’s that i found my direction and the path that led me to graphic design.

I love comics, not just for the story and illustrations, but also how the entire magazine was put together. the graphic art and design I believe are very under appreciated and fuels a lot of inspiration for me. So I entered an create-your-own comic contest with the local comic book chain. to surprise and glee i was very appreciative to take 3rd place. to me this was huge! and a sign that I was correct to love this form of media. My peers and friends congratulated me and suggested I try my hand at graphic design. I was already working in the local print shop and started getting impressed by work that came across the counter from graphic designer and artists for several years by then, so it suddenly became a ah-hah moment.

I started with two-year certificate program, and by the time I completed this course – I was hooked. From there I went on to work hard, and earn my Bachelors degree in Graphic Design.

I have the unique experience of working for several years hands-on in the printing industry while simultaneously earning my degree.


I am a graphic designer, artist and production specialist. I have been in the creative field for over 30 years with experience in graphic art and design, printing, digital imaging, and production design.

I also offer wide range of creative services that includes web-based projects by designing digital assets and graphics for website templates, and also collaborating with skilled web-developers to execute getting your website live.

I am your professional, and experienced creative partner, who can help you accomplish great ideas and achieve your creative vision.

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