See, that’s me working for YOU! ^_^

I offer a unique array of creative services in the way of not only graphic design and illustration, but also virtual desktop support in the way of pre-press, digital layouts and typesetting. My web services include original design as well as collaborations with back-end services in development. I also provide services in  e-newsletters, e-invites and e-blast  design, development, management, coordination and delivery.

My Creative services cover:

Contact me for a price quote on your next creative design project, or  learn more about my other creative/administrative solutions:

  • Typesetting and Layout design,
  • Recreations for print layouts you need redone but  you have lost originals or need updated design.
  • Recreating a logo or graphic when you have lost originals through revising  illustration and/or vector conversion
  • Photo retouching and digital imaging.
  • Product design and Renderings for proposals and concept development
  • Have a  web design already and need someone to make it work? I provide back-end coding and development services to get you online. (contact me for a quote)

*** Monthly billing installments available for special ongoing services that cover specific projects across the board. Please inquire for custom work that can get you multiple creative services for one low price per month.