Sometimes we don’t have the time, or the budget for full logo – brand building service.

I offer basic digital vector assets and concepts that can be worked into great logo ideas. You can purchase the starter files to manipulate and customize to your needs and budget range. Further, once you purchase these particular assets. They are yours! Sold to only you, and no one else will be able to buy your one of a kind starter-logo digital asset.

What you get:

Vector assets as downloadable digital products that are – As Is.

  • Vector file(s) you can manipulate and adjust to meet your needs
  • Full ownership of the digital product; unless stated other wise.
  • Only you will have this unique digital asset as a concept to build on and develop a brand for your business.
  • Two week support for files and inquiries about the graphic*

– Like an idea, but not sure what else to do with the graphic once it’s in your hands? No problem! I am available for any customization of a concept design for an additional price.

  • Customization and further development working from a design concept direction you like.
  • Hourly fee billed for any customization you can’t do yourself – That’s right! No large invoice for just minor changes, tweaking color or typography of the purchased asset *
  • Customization deliverables include cross media file formats if desired –JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS SVG, etc, and also outlined and editable vector art files
  • 1 month support of files and logo after final customization *

I am able to provide these specific services and resources for a set price without compromise of professional practice or “spec work”. Please inquire about further services by visiting my service levels.

How it Works:

  • First off, you still get to communicate with me directly, no links and cold emails to download your digital product. Since these will be sold to you as a “logo starter” that means you buy it – you own it. No one else will be able to buy YOUR design.
  • Browse the samples below and review the specs that may come with your choice.
  • Reach out to me via with your choice to purchase the logo-starter as is; or you would like the design concept with some customization.
  • The As is requests will be sent an invoice directly from me. pay the invoice and I send the file or files. As is purchase includes 1 name/title change
  • For customization and augmented designs, request a quote and describe your needs. When agreement is made on the next steps, I will invoice for the listed price as a deposit for the additional work. Pay the initial invoice to purchase the design and take it off market. I will make the modifications and invoice you for the additional customization cost, after final approval. Pay that final invoice, and you will receive all files via email or large file transfer.**

* Support covers minor questions like how do YOU change a color, file type issues, any lost files that you may need a copy of. Any modifications like asking me to make changes or tweak any designs falls under customization, and will be billed at my hourly rate. Request for a file format not included with a particular logo concept will be billable as a production artist task.

** All customization include in the final deliverables various cross media file types and all supporting files and native files. Last minute minor tweaks, lost files, digital delivery issues and questions and back-ups are held and supported for 1 month. Major modifications and changes after agreement or approval become “scope-creep” and will need to return to billable time. The customization fee starts at $35.00 per hour.

Please allow for 2-3 days, especially weekends and holidays, for communication responses, initial invoice, deliverables.

More digital products will be posted soon!

I reserve the right to showcase any designs in any of my portfolios, brochures, etc and other marketing assets for promotional purposes. Please review my terms of service to learn more.